Joint Sealing

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Joint Sealing or Caulking

Joint Sealing or Caulking is the application of a filler and/or sealant to the gaps, seams, joints or cracks between the stationary building components and materials. It is used preventatively or for repair, to keep water and outside air away from the interior of the building.
Caulking and sealing contribute the lowest percentage of the overall cost of the project and is often an overlooked aspect of renovation and maintenance work. Deterioration or improper application of caulking products can not only be unsightly but also has the potential to lead to major leaks and issues in the future.

It is very important to include caulking in the routine interior and exterior maintenance of your home. It is more than just aesthetics, it helps to prevent leaks and avoid structural damage from rotting timber and furniture, mouldy walls, carpets and lifting floors.

Why Do Buildings Need Waterproof Caulking?

Over time, wear and tear can cause construction materials to deteriorate and lose elasticity. This leads to the need for waterproof caulking to fill in the open spaces. Waterproof caulking is ideal for exterior components of homes and commercial properties, including window frames, door frames, expansion joints, concrete parts and more.

It can also be used indoors to protect from water damage and other potential issues with moisture. Essentially any area where two dissimilar components meet will likely require waterproof caulking to ensure a proper seal.

There are many benefits to routine waterproof caulking for homes and commercial properties. It can help prevent damage to the property, reduce the risk of health hazards developing, improve the appearance of the property and reduce energy costs each month.

Benefits of caulking:

Prevents water damage:

Gaps, cracks and seams have the potential to cause water leaks and damage that is often costly to repair. Water damage can lead to larger issues that require expensive remedial work such as the replacement of flooring, walls and other parts of your home or commercial building. Therefore, waterproof caulking often yields a return on your investment long-term by preventing costly damage.

It is especially important to provide the proper waterproof caulking to the exterior of your property to protect your home from damage during heavy rain. Otherwise, your building is at an increased risk of damage during heavy rain.

Improve Energy Efficiency: If there are gaps in your building’s caulking, it could be driving up your energy bill. Gaps and cracks allow for the heat or AC to leak from your building, which means the HVAC system has to work harder to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature.

Sealing those gaps with fresh caulk helps to maintain the desired temperature of your space keeping the hot or cold air inside the building.

Prevent pests to entering your house:

Professional caulking effectively seals your building completely. Pests, including termites, roaches, rats and mice, can enter a building through the smallest of openings and can be difficult and expensive to remove once established. It is extremely difficult to prevent pests from entering a building if there is any opening they can access. Good caulking seals your building and prevents these pests from getting inside.


Caulking keeps the exterior of the building looking neat, clean, and well-maintained. It eliminates unsightly gaps in the building’s joints and may drive the building’s value up as a result.

Prevent Mould & Mildew Growth: In addition to preventing water from entering and creating a conducive environment for mould, the caulking itself is resistant to mould and mildew growth. Good caulking does a lot to prevent the growth of mould and mildew in your building. Not only does caulking prevent the damp environment required for mould to grow, it is also produced as a mould and mildew resistant product.

Improve your building value: A building that keeps its caulking fresh definitely makes a good impression, values every detail of the building and enhances every single detail in your building design while fixing common mistakes that happen in the construction process. It also helps to avoid cracking tiles due the building movement: A proper building seal can efficiently absorb vibration and hold parts of construction materials together.

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