Leaking Shower

Repair your leaking bathroom without removing tiles

Specialists in non-destructive repair of leaking showers GripSeal Waterproofing can fix your shower effectively in a few hours without any mess and ready to use the next day.


Top quality and exclusive products ensure the best outcome for you.

Our rigorously trained technicians are qualified to identify and fix the leaks with utmost precision. 

Our WPMAX Seal system allows you to repair your leaking shower without removing tiles, saving you the money, and the hassle of a full renovation. We guarantee top-grade work with your bathroom ready to use the next day.


Using WPMAX seal, your bathroom area is sealed within 3 to 4 hours.

Your shower area and bathroom revitalised with a new look.Also fixing  the leak and repairing any water damage from your shower can improve the overall aesthetics of the space.

This process is performed without removing or damaging your bathroom tiles or shower fittings.

95% of leaking showers can be waterproofed without removing the tiles.


Building Movement

Although showers or shower baths may leak for a number of reasons, by far the most common cause of shower seal leakage is building movement:
a. As a building settles into its foundations – much of the land between the Gold Coast coastal strip and the hinterland were once wetlands drained by the Nerang River. Reclaimed land often has increased instances of compaction and subsidence
b. As a building expands and contracts naturally with hot and cold weather

Weakening or Cracking

This movement can result in weakening or cracking of grout, shower seals, tile and floor or wall junctions within the shower or bath. This eventually allows water to penetrate beneath the surface of the tiles.

Waterproof Membrane Fails

Beneath the surface of the tiles there is usually some kind of waterproofing membrane designed to stop water penetrating to surrounding areas. Unfortunately, these shower sealing membranes are also susceptible to building movement, poor installation and chemical breakdown with age (most commercial waterproofing membrane have a 20 year product warranty). Once this membrane has been breached, water is free to penetrate into surrounding areas and cause damage.

*Warranty does not cover excessive building movement and plumbing issues.

Our steps of work


Our trained Technician will accurately diagnose the source of the leak using tools that detect moisture and leakage.


We start by removing all aged grout from the shower perimeter, hob joints, floor waste, wall- to-wall junctions and old sealants from shower screen, walls and taps.

Additional floor and wall grout replacement available, ask your technician for a quote.


For better adherence of the product and to properly clean away the old residue we utilise a die grinder. This process ensures correct product installation and a longer lasting finish.


A 2-parts Mapei epoxy grout will be apply to the shower floor and a waterproofing cement base grout will be apply to the shower walls with the colour of your choice. A sanitary grade mould resistant sealant will be apply to shower floor perimeter and floor waste. Wall joints and shower screen are sealed using our top grade sealant helping to protect tiles from cracking due to the natural movement of buildings.


A high-quality, sanitary grade mould resistant sealant is then applied to the walls, shower screen and taps to guarantee every surface is sealed. The essential final step is to spray our water barrier sealant that creates an extra layer of protection to your shower area.

The entire process takes only 3-4 hours and the shower is ready to use the next day.


Prevent Costly Water Damage…

As part of our commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service, our technician will perform a FREE Moisture Assessment Test when inspecting a leaking shower. The moisture assessment is carried out free of charge and is performed in order to determine the cause of the leakage or if there are any issues with plumbing contributing to the shower leaks. Should the moisture assessment show unusually high levels of moisture or moisture in unusual areas, our technician would usually recommend a plumbing inspection.

Showers can leak for a multitude of reasons. The table below lists some of the most common causes of leaking showers and offers advice on how best to rectify these issues.

REMEMBER: Ignoring a leaking shower can result in increased water bills due to wasted water. Repairing the leak can lead to significant savings on your utility bills over time.

Showers can leak for a multitude of reasons. The table below lists some of the most common causes of leaking showers and offers advice on how best to rectify these issues.

Cause of Leak

Common Symptoms


Plumbing Leaks

Dampness / moisture through the adjoining wall (into hallway / cupboard etc) – often above floor level. High moisture levels above floor level on shower wall with taps.

Contact plumber to pressure test shower pipes & check tap washers.Plumber to repair as necessary.

Failure of Waterproof Membrane

Leaking through to lower level – wet patch on ceiling of lower level. Leaking to underneath of house.

Contact waterproofing company for inspection, assessment and quotation – often needs to be ripped out, re waterproofed and retiled.

Shower Screen Seals

Water leaking out from under shower screen onto bathroom floor.

GripSeal Waterproofing Replacement; remove and replace silicon seals from around shower screen.

Grouting Compromised (cracked/decayed)

Water leaching up through bathroom floor (often away from the shower). Dampness / damage to or around bathroom door frame. Dampness / moisture through adjoining wall (into hallway / cupboard etc) – at floor level.

GripSeal Waterproofing “Shower Perimeter Seals” or “5 Point Shower Seal” or “Shower MakeOver” as appropriate.

A combination of the above causes

Combination of the above.

Combination of the above.

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