In most cases, it is possible to re-caulk and eliminate or compensate for problems that have caused past sealant failure due to incorrect application. Our experienced technicians inspect and identify the causes of leakage or failure, select the appropriate sealant with proper surface preparation and application techniques as these steps are essential to avoid recurring issues and to ensure the longevity of the remedial work.

Due to the shelf life of products, old sealants may have become brittle and dry or cohesively cracked due the weather conditions.


The first step in the remedial project is to locate the source of the leak. Look for failed caulking and open areas around windows and door frames, expansion of joints, copings, roof, etc. Once the leaks are identified our technicians can determine the suitable method of remedial correction.

Reasons to consider remedial work:

  • Loss of adhesion to the joint surface due to poor original preparation
  • Weather conditions
  • Surface incompatibility
  • Building movement
  • Poor seal performance

GripSeal offers extensive knowledge and skilled techniques to remove and reinstate all types of sealant.

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