Residential Caulking

Residential Caulking

Gripseal provides high-quality caulking (silicone) for residential projects, major renovations or even if it’s just to uplift the look of your home. There are different types of caulk, each suited to specific surfaces and dryness levels.


  • Prevents water damage inside and outside of the home
  • Provides thermal insulation
  • Prevent pests from entering the house
  • Aesthetic / Visual appeal
  • May help in to improve the monetary value of the building
  • Helps to avoid cracking tiles due the building movement
  • Eliminates exterior leaks and prevents costly interior water damage
  • Prevents air leaks which helps to decrease energy wastage and increase cost efficiency of heating and cooling

Why contact a Caulking specialist?

  • To ensure the process is completed seamlessly, effectively to provide superior results that last longer
  • With DIY caulking, you may run the risk of using cheap and unreliable materials which would only increase your costs in the future, leaving you dissatisfied
  • Our fully licensed and highly experienced technicians are qualified and available to provide you with high-quality service


Our services range across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Tweed Coast.

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