Thermal Imaging

Have you heard about Thermal imaging? Do you know how it can helps you to identify problems in your property?

Thermal Imaging as Part of Your Regular Maintenance Allows You to:

  • Enjoy Reliable, Accurate and Fast Service;
  • To detect moisture and other “energy-related” failures;
  • Protect Costly Assets – Thermal Imaging Detects Problems Before they happen;
  • Finding missing or inadequate insulation;
  • Homebuyers can spot hidden signs of damage and defects.

Thermal imagery is a great way to see what is going on in your home that the human eye cannot see. With an infrared camera, you can spot missing insulation, water leaks, air infiltration, electrical hot spots, and more. With this device we are able to quickly identify as well as document the spread, severity and location of the damaged spaces, without using any invasive methods.

These infrared thermal imaging cameras can detect accurately and measure the temperature differences; these readings are then transferred into data in the form of a thermal image.

There can be various problems within the structure that would cost a significant amount to fix, that can’t be identified in normal property inspections.

Why thermal imaging is important

The challenge that most prospective homebuyers face is spotting or identifying all these latent defects, in addition to the other more visible problems in a property. Most people make the mistake of designating this important job to their mortgage lender who will then simply hire a local surveyor to complete the standard mortgage valuation. More often than not, this is a very cursory check and doesn’t cover things like water and moisture ingress and the overall condition of the property.

Hiring a thermal image inspection is the  way to ensure that you have a comprehensive building inspection. That way you will not only be removing the aspect of risk from your investment, but will also be safeguarding your health, safety and future.

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