Why showers leak

Building Movement

Although showers or shower baths may leak for a number of reasons, by far the most common cause of shower seal leakage is building movement:
a. As a building settles into its foundations – much of the land between the Gold Coast coastal strip and the hinterland were once wetlands drained by the Nerang River. Reclaimed land often has increased instances of compaction and subsidence
b. As a building expands and contracts naturally with hot and cold weather

Weakening or Cracking

This movement can result in weakening or cracking of grout, shower seals, tile and floor or wall junctions within the shower or bath. This eventually allows water to penetrate beneath the surface of the tiles.

Waterproof Membrane Fails

Beneath the surface of the tiles there is usually some kind of waterproofing membrane designed to stop water penetrating to surrounding areas. Unfortunately, these shower sealing membranes are also susceptible to building movement, poor installation and chemical breakdown with age (most commercial waterproofing membrane have a 20 year product warranty). Once this membrane has been breached, water is free to penetrate into surrounding areas and cause damage.

*Warranty does not cover excessive building movement and plumbing issues.

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